Friday, December 2, 2016

Bill Penzey's Letter to America's CEOs

I only recently joined Penzeys Spices email list, not because I would ever buy the products but to read Bill Penzey's political screeds.

Every day, there's an email. Some make no mention of politics and actually are about the products. Others aren't about spices.

Yesterday evening, another crazed political Bill Penzey email arrived.

The message wasn't about spices, special offers or deals, none of the typical stuff I've come to expect from emails from stores. This message was an "Open letter to CEOs of America." That was the subject line.



Here's the text of the email:

Please forward this on to the business and community leaders in your life.

Please share this with the business and community leaders in your life. If you want to do this through Facebook you can find it here.

Dear CEO,

Please give us a moment to share something we hope you will find very valuable.

Our customers come from all walks of life. The kindness of cooks knows no borders or divides. In the aftermath of the election, seeing the intentional damage inflicted on so many outside the white heterosexual male world, we raised our voice. We felt we had to. We did this because we are Penzeys. The Spice business is so intertwined with history that it's not really possible to have one without the other. It became clear to us that we are now in a moment history will long have its eyes upon. For the sake of our customers, and for the sake of future generations, we felt the time had come to stand on the right side of history.

And while the reasons for why we took a stand might be specific to our unique outlook, what we learned actually applies to all commerce in the United States. What we learned is that President-elect Donald Trump has no real support. Voters, sure, but no constituency. Running a campaign on "that horrible-terrible-woman who should be locked up," while at the same time working to raise fear of minorities among white voters with limited access to education, clearly achieved its goal. But none of it left Americans with any sense of connection to the candidate they actually voted for.

Willing to take a hit for what is right, we did what we did. In the two weeks since, online sales are up 59.9%, gift box sales up 135%. And we didn't have a catalog arrive in this window this year, while last year we had 1.1 million! Yes, maybe for the moment we have lost 3% of our customers because of the so-called "right wing firestorm." And, yes, they send emails of rage, and ALL CAPS, and bad language with the hope of creating the perception that they are bigger than they really are. But what we learned is that, in terms of retail spending, Donald Trump simply has no one supporting his views for America. He has no constituency.

America's Values, on the other hand, have a really sizable constituency, and that constituency moves quickly to support those that stand up for the values of America. If, as a company, you have values, now is the time to share them. You may well lose a chunk of your AM radio-listening customers, but if you really are honest and sincere, don't be surprised to see your promotions suddenly, finally, find active engagement with the Millennial generation.

And the time for this really is now. We understand all too well that, with the holidays, December is a tough month to get things done. We understand that a change in direction will not be easy, but you are where you are because you don't need things to be easy. If you wait until after the wheels come off the track for the incoming administration, this moment will have passed. And while there's no bad time to do the right thing, to do the right thing at the same time as others in your industry will work so much better than waiting until someone else has shown the way.

In this moment there is finally the real chance to unite our nation in our shared rejection of sexism, homophobia, and racism. This is your chance to stand up for America's values and make January a tent pole in your company's history. Opportunities to do the right thing at the time when doing the right thing makes all the difference come once in a lifetime. Make your history proud.

Thanks for reading,

Penzeys Spices


Each communication is more bizarre and more out there than the last.

He's addressing CEOs?

Forward this to CEOs?

Penzey is delusional. I think he might be clinically delusional. It's really kind of creepy.
Yes, maybe for the moment we have lost 3% of our customers because of the so-called "right wing firestorm." And, yes, they send emails of rage, and ALL CAPS, and bad language with the hope of creating the perception that they are bigger than they really are. But what we learned is that, in terms of retail spending, Donald Trump simply has no one supporting his views for America. He has no constituency.

America's Values, on the other hand, have a really sizable constituency, and that constituency moves quickly to support those that stand up for the values of America. If, as a company, you have values, now is the time to share them. You may well lose a chunk of your AM radio-listening customers, but if you really are honest and sincere, don't be surprised to see your promotions suddenly, finally, find active engagement with the Millennial generation.

Penzey is really going out of his way to anger half the country. He's also trying to appeal to Millennials. That's the plan apparently. I guess he's trying to build a loyal clientele by closing the door on an enormous group of potential customers and brutally disparaging them.

I suppose that's OK if he wants to be a niche business-- selling spices to smug, youngish Leftists out of touch with reality.

That's not smart. It's bad business.

Penzey's shtick is getting old fast.

Rosie O'Donnell Apologizes to Melania Trump for Attack on Barron

Rosie O'Donnell took a long time to issue an apology for her role in attacking Barron Trump.

She apologized to Melania Trump on Twitter.

From TMZ:

Rosie O'Donnell has belatedly apologized to Melania Trump for blasting out on social media her 10-year-old son, Barron, might be autistic ... which he is not.

Rosie now says, "I apologize to @MELANIATRUMP - i was insensitive in my RT - i am sorry for the pain i caused - it was not my intent - i am truly sorry."

Melania went ballistic after a YouTuber posted a video suggesting Baron had autism, and Rosie then re-posted the video with the caption, "Barron Trump Autistic?"

TMZ broke the story, Melania hired lawyer Charles Harder, who fired off a letter to the YouTuber telling him if he didn't take the video down he'd sue. He also called out Rosie in the letter, but did not threaten her.
O'Donnell's Twitter account is private, but here's the screen grab of her tweet, from Mediaite:

It took a week for O'Donnell to apologize.

"Queen of Nice"?

Not very nice at all.

Jimmy Fallon: Jill Stein Michigan Recount Joke

JIMMY FALLON: Yesterday, Jill Stein officially requested a hand recount of 4.8 million ballots in Michigan. But Donald Trump says he's going to fight it, by shouting out other numbers while they're trying to count. 'Seventy. Nineteen. Start back at one.'

Jimmy Fallon: Sarah Palin, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Joke

JIMMY FALLON: I saw that Donald Trump is considering Sarah Palin to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Palin said she's great at helping veterans and John McCain was like, 'Wrong.'

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Planned Parenthood

What is Giving Tuesday?

#GivingTuesday harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity of people around the world to bring about real change in their communities; it provides a platform for them to encourage the donation of time, resources and talents to address local challenges. It also brings together the collective power of a unique blend of partners— nonprofits, civic organizations, businesses and corporations, as well as families and individuals—to encourage and amplify small acts of kindness.

As a global movement, #GivingTuesday unites countries around the world by sharing our capacity to care for and empower one another.

The purpose of Giving Tuesday and giving the gift of death by supporting Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, are at odds.

Ripping a baby apart, killing the little one, isn't an act of kindness.

From LifeNews:

On Tuesday, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda spotlighted abortion giant Planned Parenthood as part of the annual #GivingTuesday effort on Twitter. Miranda re-Tweeted a follower’s post that sang the praises of his mother, Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda, for her service on the national board for the left-wing organization. The celebrity added, “Working on this…,” and included the Giving Tuesday hashtag.

Miranda's support of Planned Parenthood runs counter to his concern for diversity and supporting minorities. The abortion provider kills a disproportionate number of African American babies.

Of course, when Mike Pence and some of his family members attended the Broadway production of Hamilton, he was subjected to a lecture about the fears and anxiety experienced by a diverse America in the wake of Donald Trump's election.

BRANDON VICTOR DIXON: Vice President-elect Pence, we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us here at Hamilton: An American Musical. We really do.

We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir.

But we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and to work on behalf of all of us. All of us.

According to the New York Times:
The statement that Mr. Dixon read was written by the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda; its director, Thomas Kail; and the lead producer, Jeffrey Seller, with input from cast members, Mr. Seller said.
So, Miranda fears that the new administration won't protect "our children"?

He's got to be kidding!

The politically active and allegedly socially concerned Miranda promotes the Planned Parenthood mission, a portion of which is ending human lives. That is undebatable.


Mediaite and Spoiled Barron Trump

I couldn't find the story on the website. I wondered if the image was fake. So did others.

I trust Greta. The story was on Mediaite, but now it's gone.

Of course, once it's posted, it lives forever.

You can see the source is Worldlifestyle, but Mediaite is responsible for promoting it.

Barron Trump is really being abused. It's awful.

He's just ten years old!

The Leftists are so compassionate, aren't they?

Jimmy Fallon: Trump, Lego Gingerbread Houses, and the Wall

JIMMY FALLON: This year's White House holiday display also includes 56 Lego gingerbread houses, which took over 200,000 Legos to make; or as Joe Biden put it, 'This gingerbread is crunchy as hell.' 'You're eating a Lego.' 'It doesn't even taste like gingerbread.'

They used over 200,000 Legos for the White House Christmas display. After hearing this, Donald Trump said, 'Save those Legos. We can use them for the wall. Save 'em. We need 'em. We need every Lego. At the very least, they really hurt to step on. If they come over barefoot in the middle of the night, it hurts when you step on those things. It's a pain I can't describe.'

Jimmy Fallon: White House Christmas Joke

JIMMY FALLON: Meanwhile, the Obamas just had the White House decorated for their final Christmas before they leave. They want to make it look nice for Santa since he's not coming back for at least four years.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bill Penzey Email: Art of Hope - Cooking Trumps Racism

Bill Penzey, spice guy, is addressing his band of Trump haters again, encouraging them to "embrace hope" to cope with their sadness and sense of loss following the election.

Penzeys Spices November 30, 2016, email:

Subject line: The Art of Hope

Art. Paragraphs are great, but sometimes just a word or two carried in the strength of art can say so much more. Wisconsin six years ago was the testing grounds for what we now see unfolding in our nation’s capitol. I understand from your emails the sadness, and the honest sense of loss many of you are feeling right now. I wish I could tell you to take your time to heal, but I can't. In Wisconsin, most of the damage to our economy, our environment and our children's futures happened in those first few months when all-too-many of us had lost our grasp on hope. So here's the Penzey family Thanksgiving weekend art project. Embrace Hope.

On our Facebook page, someone was hoping our Cooking trumps Racism image (yes Cooking trumps Sexism is in the works) was going to become bumper stickers, mugs, etc. I thanked them, but said sorry, no, as much as this message is the one we need right now, in the long run I don't want to trump anything. I do believe strongly that Kindness can't just sit down every time anger stands up. Cooks have strength, cooks are up to the struggle for hearts and minds ahead of us. But if we have to battle dragons, once we are done, no good will come of holding on to souvenirs that reignite conflict. This Embrace Hope plaque on the other hand, with the way color brought it to life this weekend, really might be worth holding on to.
Penzey hates Scott Walker and he hates Trump and he hates all who voted for them.

We know, we know. You've told us what seems like a million times.

"Cooking trumps Sexism" is in the works?

Oh, goody. I can't wait.

I won't do business with Penzey. He gets off on stirring anger, creating divisions, and causing discord among people. That doesn't sound like a recipe for peace and love and healing the world.


Pelosi Wins

Hillary and the Recount

Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy. She's a liar.

From FOX News, Democrat Bryan Dean Wright writes:

Saturday, Hillary Clinton announced that she had joined a recount effort in at least three Midwestern states, questioning whether “an accurate vote” will be reported to the Electoral College. This comes on the heels of a concession speech where she told her supporters tha

Hours after Clinton delivered her remarks, President Obama joined his nominee in asking the same of the country – and my Democratic party. It was a moment of pride for many Americans. We could celebrate a peaceful transition of power, even if we didn’t like the result.

It’s now clear that Clinton’s speech wasn’t genuine. According to her campaign, they’ve had lawyers, data scientists and analysts combing over election results starting “the day after the election,” or the day of her otherwise thoughtful concession speech. Their goal: find evidence that would suggest a hacked result, despite the president – and my former colleagues in the intelligence community – stating clearly that there are no signs of foreign tampering at the ballot box.

Why would Clinton do this? Some suggest it’s a vengeful ploy to make Trump look illegitimate in the eyes of the American people. But I suspect that this is the last, embarrassing gasp of a flailing politician, unable to accept defeat with grace.

As a Democrat, I am frustrated and ashamed.

...With Clinton’s embrace of an electoral recount, it is clear that she cannot accept defeat with grace, nor does she hold our nation in the same regard as [Samuel] Tilden or [General Robert E.] Lee. That means my fellow Americans – and especially my fellow Democrats – must stand up to her hubris. We must make clear that we offer no excuses for our loss. We will not chase the ghosts of foreign hackers. We won’t be fooled by FBI conspiracies, blame bad campaign staff, whine about false Facebook posts, or blame mobs of deplorables.

No, we realize that we lost because the nation wanted change and our candidate was too flawed and untrustworthy to carry that mantle.
Hillary's gracious concession speech was a lie.

"We must accept this result.... Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead."

What a load!

Hillary didn't accept the results of the election. As she addressed her supporters and all Americans, she knew she was lying.

I'm glad she lost.

Obama Blames FOX News for Democrats' Inability to Reach Voters

It's incredible that Obama actually cites the alleged omnipresence of FOX News as the obstacle that blocked Democrats from reaching voters.

It's laughable.

He and the Democrats have the Leftist news media and the entertainment industry in their pocket, yet FOX News is the problem.

Obama can't be serious. He's either lying or delusional.

Jimmy Fallon: Frosty Hillary and Snowmen Joke

JIMMY FALLON: I saw that the White House Christmas display features a portrait of Hillary Clinton, and it's positioned between two snowmen. It gave the kids a chance to see Old Frosty, as well as two snowmen.

Jimmy Fallon: Trump's Cabinet and Tighty Whities Joke

JIMMY FALLON: On a lighter note, I saw that the Naked Cowboy was performing at Trump Tower yesterday in his patented tighty whities. Incidentally, the tighty whities is also the nickname for Trump's cabinet. That's interesting. That's a coincidence.

Jimmy Fallon: Trump and American Flag Burning Joke

JIMMY FALLON: Also this morning, Trump also tweeted out a threat to take away the citizenship of anyone who burns the American flag. He says that there are plenty of other things that people can burn instead, like their tax returns.

Jimmy Fallon: Trump and Obama Phone Call Joke

JIMMY FALLON: The White House said that President Obama and Donald Trump spoke on the phone for 45 minutes on Saturday. Everyone knew Trump was on the phone because those were the only 45 minutes all week where he stopped tweeting.

Jimmy Fallon: Trump and Cuba Joke

JIMMY FALLON: Yesterday, Trump tweeted that he will end the United States' relationship with Cuba unless they are willing to make a better deal. When asked how they felt about Trump threatening them on Twitter, Cubans said, 'What's Twitter? Can I get it on my AM radio? My '55 Chevy?'

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump: Burning the American Flag

The Trump tweet heard 'round the country:

Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!
The operative word here is "perhaps." Trump is tossing out a thought that should be disregarded.


There is no way burning the American flag would ever result in loss of citizenship or a jail sentence.

That act is protected under the Constitution.

Relax, flag burners and desecrators. You don't have to worry about losing your right to express your loathing for America and Americans.

Personally, I find American flag burners to be deplorable.

What's so nuts is that the people expressing their disdain for America by burning our flag have the right to do so because they're Americans. Very twisted.

I think burning the flag is a powerful statement and very revealing.

The people who do it tell a lot about themselves, and that revelation is good to know.

Packers Win!


Packers win!

Jimmy Fallon: Trump Jokes, November 28, 2016

JIMMY FALLON: The big story right now is still President-elect Donald Trump. He has been busy tweeting again. That's right, he went on Twitter yesterday to claim that he actually won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of illegal voters, and that any recount will change nothing. Speaking of nothing changing, Trump won and still says the election was rigged.

This has a lot of people upset. I read that the Secret Service protecting Donald Trump might have to rent two floors of Trump Tower, forcing taxpayers to pay $3 million in rent back to Trump's company. Trump said that is absolutely not true and the rent is $4 million. Whoever said that, that is...lowball.

That's right. Trump could charge his own Secret Service agents millions of dollars in rent. Then Trump was like, 'That's nothing. Wait till you see what I charge them for the minibar. That's where I get you.'

Yesterday, Trump was seen wearing a hat that says '45' on the side, signifying that he will be the 45th president, or the total number of days before he quits being president. It's like, 'It's been fun. It's been a fun month and a half. You take it from here, Pence.'

Trump Honeymoon

The honeymoon is over before it started.

George W. Bush didn't get a honeymoon either.

Same old, same old.

That's the way the Leftists roll.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Abdul Artan, Somali Refugee - Ohio State Knife Attack

From NBC News:

A man plowed his car into a crowd on the Ohio State University campus, then jumped out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife before being shot dead by police Monday morning, officials said.

Nine people were taken to hospitals after the ambush, and one was in critical condition. The incident was initially reported as an "active shooter" situation, but the suspect did not shoot anyone.

A police officer was on the scene within a minute and killed the assailant. "He engaged the suspect and eliminated the threat," OSU Police Chief Craig Stone said.

The suspect's name was not released, but law enforcement officials told NBC News he was a Somali refugee who was a legal permanent resident of the United States.

The motive was unknown, but officials said the attack was clearly deliberate and may have been planned in advance.

"This was done on purpose," Stone said.

From FOX News:
An 18-year-old Somali man was behind an attack involving a car and butcher knife on the campus of Ohio State University Monday that left nine people injured, law enforcement sources told Fox News.

After the suspect plowed his vehicle into the crowd, officials said he got out of the vehicle and began attacking people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

Two law enforcement sources told Fox News the attacker, identified as Abdul Artan, came into the United States as a Somali refugee, and was granted status as a legal permanent resident.
Don't worry.

This guy is a lone wolf.

Nothing to see here.

Somali refugee?

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"


Wisconsin: Stein Demands Recount By Hand

Lawyer up!

From Milwaukee Patch:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has denied a request by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein to perform a recount of ballots by hand and she is prepared to go to court to challenge the decision, according to media reports. The recount will begin Thursday if payment for the process is received by Tuesday.

...President-elect Donald Trump narrowly won the state's 10 electoral votes — about 27,000 votes separate him and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton — and Wisconsin Elections Commission chairman Mark Thomsen doesn't expect that to change with the recount.

Thomsen, a Democrat, said Monday he is confident the Nov. 8 vote will be upheld in the recount, but he was critical of Trump, who — despite having won the most electoral votes — claimed on Twitter Sunday that "massive fraud" had denied him the popular vote as well and that "millions of people" had voted illegally.

...The plan approved Monday would leave it to officials in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties to decide whether to do their recounts by hand, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. That could mean some counties perform recounts by machine and some by hand. The deadline for county clerks to submit final count reports is 8 p.m. Monday, Dec. 12.

...Green Party officials have estimated the recount will cost more than $1 million — a bill they're prepared to pay. However, they want what they're paying for — a hand recount of all ballots. They said Sunday that they're willing to go to court if the clerks don't comply.

Recount advocates may have to do just that.
Jill Stein's behavior is pathetic.

The Leftists and Never Trump people went nuts when Trump wouldn't guarantee his acceptance of the election results when asked during the third and final presidential debate.

Hillary Clinton called Trump's answer "horrifying."

The "horrified" Leftists are the ones unwilling to accept the peaceful transition of power.

Pennsylvania Recount Next to Impossible

The more details that come out about this recount stuff the more lame the entire effort appears.

Jill Stein is a joke.

Hampshire College: Vets Protest Removal of American Flag

From MassLive:

A massive demonstration Sunday at Hampshire College called for the school to reverse a decision to stop flying the American flag.

Veterans groups organized the protest after the school decided to stop flying all flags on the main campus flagpole, including the U.S. flag, following several high-profile controversies. The flag was lowered by students to half-staff before Veterans Day and in response to the presidential election, and someone burned the flag the night before Veterans Day.

The college flew a new flag at full-staff on Veterans Day.

The college said it would stop flying the flag in order to allow a discussion about its many possible meanings to students and employees from diverse backgrounds. School spokesman John Courtmanche said previously that, while some students take pride in the American flag, for others it is "a powerful symbol of fear."

Hundreds of people gathered outside the West Street campus for the 1 p.m. rally. They waved flags of all sizes, carried signs bearing slogans like "No flag = no taxpayer (money)" and sang "God Bless America" in a booming chorus.
Good grief!
The college said it would stop flying the flag in order to allow a discussion about its many possible meanings to students and employees from diverse backgrounds. School spokesman John Courtmanche said previously that, while some students take pride in the American flag, for others it is "a powerful symbol of fear."
If the American flag is really such a "powerful symbol of fear" at Hampshire College, I think no AMERICAN tax dollars should be supporting the school.

Students and employees can't bear the sight of the flag? It sparks such intense fear that they can't function?

OK. Then take no AMERICAN money from hard-working AMERICANS and AMERICAN veterans, and enjoy your college free from the fear roused by the sight of the AMERICAN flag.

Find someone else to fund education at Hampshire College.

Wisconsin Presidential Recount: Missing the Deadline

Last time Wisconsin had a statewide recount, a place on the Wisconsin Supreme Court was at stake. Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg, a union puppet, challenged her loss to David Prosser.

The recount took more than a month. Kloppenburg had the votes of nuns thrown out. It was ugly, and a complete waste of time and money.

Even after the recount was completed, Kloppenburg was slow to accept it.

The Wisconsin recount of the 2016 presidential race could be messier, given that twice as many votes will need to be recounted. Making matters worse, Stein is demanding that the recount be done by hand.

From Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:

Federal law says that presidential recounts must be completed within 35 days after an election. Stein waited until 90 minutes before the Wisconsin deadline for filing a recount petition expired.

All the votes have to be certified by December 13 according to a report on Friday. The electors meet on December 19.

Wisconsin will almost certainly miss that deadline, since the last recount took more than a month. And that recount was for a state Supreme Court contest where only 1.5 million votes were cast.

If Wisconsin misses the December 19 deadline, the electoral votes may not be counted.
What happens if the recount isn't completed by the deadline?

Does that mean Wisconsinites will be effectively disenfranchised in the 2016 presidential election?

Hoft points out that if "Wisconsin’s electoral votes are excluded on December 19, the state will then have to try and get Congress to include the votes in the January 6 count."

I can't believe that Congress would fail to "count every vote" and simply just toss out the Wisconsin election results.

All of this is crap. I'm certain Jill Stein intentionally waited until the final hour to file for a recount in Wisconsin to make it as difficult as possible to meet the deadline. There's no other realistic explanation.

Such sleazy tactics don't win over hearts and minds.

If the Leftists are hoping to annul the electoral votes of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, they are truly deranged.

It angers me that Leftists are attempting to overturn the results of the election.

Millions of Americans will not be disenfranchised just because Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton waited to challenge the results of the election. That plot won't work.

I won't stand for my vote to be disregarded.

I don't believe it will happen, but the fact that the anti-Trump contingent wants it to happen makes me sick.

Kaepernick Booed By Miami Fans

Fans in Miami let Colin Kaepernick, Fidel Castro admirer, know how they feel about him.

Assata Shakur, Castro, and Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement is defending Fidel Castro and thanking him for protecting Assata Shakur, the cop-killing, domestic terrorist.

From Lukas Mikelionis, Heat Street:

The Black Lives Matter movement has come out in support of Fidel Castro, following his death on Friday, saying they must “come to the defense of El Comandante” and thanking him for safeguarding Assata Shakur, who’s on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list.

The movement penned an article on Sunday titled “Lessons from Fidel: Black Lives Matter and the Transition of El Comandante” on the Medium platform where they eulogized the passing of the Cuban dictator. The article, which was not bylined, was Tweeted out by the closest thing there is to an official Black Lives Matter account and also posted on the movement’s semi-official Facebook page.

The article claims Castro’s death has caused “and overwhelming sense of loss, complicated by fear and anxiety.”

...The BLM movement is also also “particularly grateful” to Castro for harboring “Mama Assata Shakur, who continues to inspire us.” Shakur, whose real name is Joanne Chesimard, is currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list with a $1 million bounty on her head.

She was convicted in the U.S. of killing a New Jersey state trooper, assault and battery of a police officer. After she escaped from prison, Castro granted her asylum in Cuba in 1984.
It's a disgrace that the Black Lives Matter movement is propped up and legitimized by the Leftist media rather than exposed for what it really is.

It's a radical group. It's anti-police. It promotes lawlessness. It supports brutal dictators and finds a cop-killing, domestic terrorist inspiring.

That's a problem.


Read more about Shakur and her supporters:

Assata Shakur and Marquette University